The Priest Emergency number (757-448-5251) is the ordinary method for informing Cluster priests of a death.
When a parishioner dies, a loved one of the deceased parishioner or someone who has been delegated (including funeral homes and all other institutions) should call the Priest Emergency Number (757.448.5251) as soon as they know that the parishioner has died.

A member of the clergy will make a call to the family to offer consolation and support and to arrange a visit with the family in order to make funeral arrangements.



Funeral Receptions

Funerals Buffet Table

In Jesus’ time and culture, the notion of hospitality (not just to family and to friends, but even more so to strangers) was extremely important. Meals even took on a sacred character: food on the table symbolizing the fact that God had sustained us up to this present hour.

In the Cluster, families of deceased loved ones are offered the option of either a meal, or something as simple as coffee and sweets after their loved-one’s funeral at no cost to families. Many hands take part in this labor of love for one another, so the burden is indeed light.
For more information, or if you would like to volunteer in this ministry please contact:

Church of the Holy Angels: Helmi Haynes, 757-477-485-1933
Church of the Resurrection: Betty Osborne, 757-484-7335
St. Mary’s: Nancy Zydron, 757-488-6054
St. Paul’s: Lillian Haythe, 757-484-2924