The Cluster Prayer List

What is the Cluster Prayer List for?

The Cluster Prayer List, published weekly in the bulletin, exists in order that parishioners might learn from other parishioners of their desire to be prayed for by their faith community.
Whose name can be published in the Cluster Prayer List?
Any parishioner, with these provisions:
1. That the parishioner his/herself is the one requesting it.
2. That the person who is making the request has obtained the expressed permission of the parishioner whose name they seek to add. (This is a human dignity issue.)
How long will the name remain on the Cluster Prayer List?
Typically, a name will remain on the Cluster Prayer List for up to four (4) weeks. The name can be returned to the List upon a call or email to the parish office. Click here for office phone numbers and hours.  You may also email requests directly to the bulletin editor at


 The Book of Intentions

What is the Book of Intentions for?
The Book of Intentions is a place to write down anything for which anyone would like to request prayer. These Intentions are offered up (no content is mentioned) during the General Intercessions at Mass.
Where is the Book of Intentions located in my parish?
Each parish of the Cluster has a Book of Intentions located near one of the doors of the worship space.