Mass Coordinator

The primary work of this ministry is to serve the presider (priest) and the assembly (those who gather to celebrate) by enhancing the readiness of our parish community to celebrate liturgy, most notably, Sunday Mass. This minister serves “behind the scenes” on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings before each Mass to assure that all the items needed for the day’s liturgy are in place, that the appropriate ministers are present, know their roles and are ready to serve. This minister makes sure that everything required for the celebration of special rites or rituals during the Mass is in place before Mass begins. This minister is available to the presider to attend to any special details or last minute preparations.
Regular tasks include the following:

Before the liturgy:

  • assure that the gifts/credence tables are prepared;
  • assure that the appropriate liturgical books are in place and set to the first reading;
  • check that all liturgical ministers are present (including communion ministers, altar servers, lectors and gift bearers) and understand their roles;
  • find replacement ministers to serve if necessary;
  • consult with the presider regarding special preparations.

After the celebration:

  • assure that all liturgical objects, vessels and books are put away or readied for the next liturgy;
  • assure that the assembly’s monetary offerings are locked up or stored in a secure place;
  • tidy the worship space as needed in preparation for the next liturgy.

Training will be provided to all new Mass Coordinators.

If you would like more information, or would like to volunteer for this ministry, please contact the office at 757-484-7335 or email Deacon Kevin at