Haiti Ministry

Diocese of Richmond Haiti MinistrySince the mid 1980’s the Diocese of Richmond has embarked on a global solidarity partnership with Haiti through its twinning ministry. Our Catholic faith tells us that every human being is made in God’s image and likeness. As a result, we are all sisters and brothers in Christ. We are called to find Christ in every person and to follow his example of compassion toward those who are poor and vulnerable.

Our diocesan twinning program enables individuals and parish communities to encounter Christ in the impoverished people and land of Haiti. Through this relationship we can begin to uncover and understand the Paschal Mystery of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and to follow his example of compassion, healing and justice. Through simple acts of knowing, caring and relating to each other, we can contribute to the global healing of the human family.

Why Haiti?

Haiti is 800 miles off the coast of southeastern Florida. It is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Poverty there overwhelms the senses and violates our understanding of human dignity. Mother Teresa’s reflections on ministry with the poor brought her to the realization that material wealth often brings a spiritual poverty. Through twinning with Haiti, Americans can have what she called “a class encounter, in which the rich save the poor and the poor save the rich.” A personal connection with Haiti allows Americans and Haitians to recognize the inherent need that impoverished countries and wealthy countries have for each other. We can work toward wholeness as we give and receive the gifts that each has to offer the other.

The Cluster Parishes are twinned with the parish of St. Peter’s in Roysec, Haiti. We support the school, collect and identify items of need and coordinate their delivery to Haiti.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer in this ministry, please contact Deacon Kevin at kmorrison@clusterparishes.com or 757-484-7335.